Carrot Juice Recipes

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Juice is a liquid which is naturally present in every fruits and vegetables and as such includes a strong but sweet flavor.

Are you in search of some good healthy juice recipes? If yes, then you are on the correct page. The given article will provide you two very simple recipes of making juice at home.

Juice does not only tastes yummy but it’s quite filling too. If you drink a glass of juice everyday, you will be benefitted with all necessary nutrients and vitamins that are very essential for keeping the body healthy and in good shape . Adding the salubrious and nutritious juice to your everyday’s diet is the finest method to improve your lifestyle habits.

The first recipe i have taken is carrot juice recipe. Carrots are the excellent source of beta-carotene and other vitamins. In the preparation of carrot juice, you will require 8-9 large fresh carrots. For garnishing the juice, you can use 1 large fresh sprig of mint.

To begin with, first you need to take out your juicer and plug it in. Wash the carrots with running cold water. Place a tall glass under the juice spout. Start putting the carrots into your juicer one at a time and thus extract the juice. For garnishing, you can add a fresh mint sprig to your glass.

Carrot juice possess natural sugar, therefore one big glass each day is normally recommended for daily intake.

The second juice recipe i have taken is beet juice recipe. The benefits of beets are simply amazing. It is well known for blood purifying ability and it also acts as a great liver detoxifier.

In the preparation of beet juice, you will require 1 large beetroot, 8 large carrots along with 1 lemon.

To begin with, first you need to wash the carrots, lemon and beetroots thoroughly with cold water. Chop the beetroots into pieces and peel the lemon as well. Now put all the ingredients in your juicer and juice them properly. Pour it in a glass and enjoy the fresh juice.

Therefore at the conclusion, i would say, you can always experiment with any of your favorite ingredients based on your taste. If you want to include or remove anything from the above given two recipes, go for it. Afterall, your main concern is to enjoy the drink.

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